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Human Capital Consulting Services

Business services for payroll processing, payroll tax preparation, and centralized processing system and updated technology to deliver the best results for quality services to our clients.

What We Do

Building processes around payroll that creates Business Development

Payroll Processing

LP Payroll Business services helps small and med-size companies that are in need of a HR professionals on a part time basis relieving the overwhelmed owner or office manager of the daily tasks surrounding recruitment, HR, benefits or payroll. LP Payroll Business services consulting can customize our services to small and med-size companies based on the needs of each company’s business. We do the following servives to support your needs: Process, edit, correct payments to all clients, assist, train timekeepers, debt business management, audit, payroll, process retroactive pay, back pay processing, audit, adjust, certify leave records, editing pay situations, issue Corrected W2’s, and image pay-related documentation for digital storage and retrieval .

Payroll Accounting

Whether you choose to be fully involved in client payroll and HR or not involved at all, our solutions make it easy for every accountant to work with us in the way they prefer. For many companies, hiring someone to manage HR operations like paying employees and managing benefits is cost prohibitive. Payroll services cost substantially less than hiring a new employee and can take a lot of work off your plate. We help you with the following: Provide payroll accounting, provide tax accounting, process salary replacement payments, provide payroll certification, comply with federal tax laws, withholding agreements, business accounting, and human resources regulations.


Running a small business demands that you wear multiple hats each day. LP Workforce Management services remove the burden of running your payroll in-house. A service simplifies the process for you and calculates payroll, pays employees, files payroll taxes and keeps up with IRS changes. We develop support and monitor your employee satisfaction levels, maintain a quality management system geared towards conformance to requirements, employee development & objectives, along with continual improvement, design and develop user manuals and support business systems.

HR Support

Current economic trends are now forcing businesses to consider process outsourcing of administrative functions to improve basic services and maintain compliance with the ever changing regulations. Our misssion is to produce, monitor, audit, provide customer business services and maintain an audit trail on all non-payroll cash disbursements, coupled with responsibility for associated accounting and encumbrance transactions. We will work closely with your business to help you satisfy new requirements and stay in compliance, shielding your company from costly penalties. We can also assist your existing HR staff to become more efficient, enabling them the time to focus on your operational business needs and strategies.


Recruitment, employee benefits package design, on-site training programs, employee handbook creation, employee review process development, employee practices development, business payroll process training, compliance assessment services, conflict resolution with clients through user group forums and workshops, and private-sector statewide trade associations or educational foundations that fall under IRS code 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) organizational grant payroll planning.


Process pay-related debts for active employees, provide appropriate due process and repayment options, collect debts via payroll deductions or cash payments management, wages adjustments, taxes to reflect repayments, provide reporting services on debt collection, process external debts, business process services, legal payroll process, child support deductions, alimony deductions, commercial garnishments, federal debt offsets, tax levies, bankruptcies, and government tax deductions, employee notification services, training for inhouse timekeepers, tailored process for new client implementations, and benefits processing.

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About Us

About Us

At LP Consulting Services, LLC, we recognizes how important time is to you and your employee's payroll needs. We offer a unique advantage of next day turnaround in most cases, and delivery options that surpass industry standards. We are an automated payroll, human resource, business tax payment & filing, and other payroll-related services provider. We serve the market we know best, working with companies that have between 1 and 1000 employees. We are a trusted partner for small to medium sized businesses, maintaining our reputation through strong customer service, simple reports, and flexible methods.
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